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Our Prayer Focus

Week of May 21, 2018

Genuine Faith

Genuine Faith

Many days I wonder how I'll get through the day ahead.
I try to keep my chin up, yet I want to crawl back into bed.
Other days I push right through the daily chores of life
like being mom or nana and of course being a wife.

I like to think I do the things I do because I should.
I like to think that what I'm doing makes things turn out good.
But notice how I've used the word "I" too many times?
And then I realize it's not about me that I write this rhyme.

The moment I spend time with OTHERS, though the time is brief
my mood changes so quickly and I smile and have relief.
Sitting by yourself and hoping things will just improve
will not be so productive and will not help your mood.

Even if it's just a text, a call or email sent
you will be uplifted and time will be well spent.
I know there's someone you know who need a word today
to help them through a tough time and help them on their way.

Take time to be with others each and every day.
Be sure to mention them by name tonight when you pray.
Love and prayers to each of you. Thanks for always letting me share some thoughts and poems with you.

Scriptures are abundant in the book of James but here are some of my favorites that I found today:
James 2:8
James 2:14-16
James 4:11
Many of these are similar to the Sermon on the Mount. We are to be peacemakers which is difficult in today's world but be of good cheer and cheer someone up today.

Pray Daily for our CSports Teams

Dear Ladies of the Mary Martha Mail Circle: Here is your Prayer Partner team for the 2018 CSports Flag Football season. They will all be informed that you ladies will be praying for each of them by name each day throughout the season. Pray for their safety and for the Holy Spirit to be active and evident in each of their lives. Thank you all for what you mean to this ministry!

Coaches: Sid Alums and Jason Roe.
Team members:
Andrew, Christian, Cole, Emily, Ethan, Garrett, Ian, Isabella, John Lee, Johnny, Luke, Nathaniel and Zack.

Please represent the Mail Circle
at the following CUMW events

Saturday, June 9, 6 am - 4 pm
Safe Haven

Saturday, September 8, 6 am - 4 pm
Safe Haven

Saturday, October 20
Children's Sabbath

Sunday, November 11 - Noon
United Methodist Women Sunday Catered Luncheon

Saturday, December 8, 6 am to 4 pm
Safe Haven

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